Spark releases fourth-generation modular LED street light

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Recently, SHENZHEN SPARK OPTOELECTRONICS S&T CO.,LTD. released the fourth-generation street light——Modular LED Street Light. The new generation street light quickly attracted much attention and gained widely praise from customers with its high lumen efficiency and high cost performance.

Below are some main features of this new series LED street light:

Light source of original CREE XBD LED;
70W,90W,120W,150W,180W available;
Higher than 80LM/W for whole lamp;
Alluminum alloy fixture;
Individual modular design with Alluminum alloy heat sink;
Special polarized lens design of 145*75 degree, raising lighting efficiency;
Base adjustable from 0 to 90 degree;
Very convenient for SKD business;

This new series LED street light could replace from 150W to 500W high pressure soldium lamp:

Model# Suitablle Pole Height Replacement
SPL-D60(70W) 6-8 meters replace 150W-200W HPS lamp
SPL-D90(90W) 6-8 meters replace 200W-250W HPS lamp
SPL-D120(120W) 8-10 meters replace 250W-300W HPS lamp
SPL-D150(150W) 10-12 meters replace 400W HPS lamp
SPL-D180(180W) 10-12 meters replace 500W HPS lamp

Many customers have ordered samples of the new modular street light, and after testing they are satisfied with the brightness and good quality. As it is easy for maintenance and replacing, Modular LED lighting will be a trend in the future.

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