CNHidee Offers 3W LED downlight at factory price

March 15, 2013
Date Announced: 15 Mar 2013 Imagine going shopping for 3W LED downlight and you receive them at factory price. This is what you will get at CNHIDEE, 3W LED downlight at factory price.Because we desire to give our customers value for their money, we always run promotional items and what we do is offer the led lighting products at factory price.Our 3 watt LED downlight at the moment is a hot seller and we have thus put it up on the radar for you to buy it at factory price.This new 3 watt LED downlight coming at factory price is available in two main models, that is, dimmable and non dimmable. We have a wide range of LED light color temperatures to chose from, 2700K- 6500K. i.e Warm white, Natural white, Pure white, Cool white.The available models of the 3W led downlight at factory price are made of the highest quality materials. The casing is made of ABS and the heat sink is made of the all new finned aluminum heat sink. This makes the led downlight have a longer lifespan. Because we have used the best led chip on the market, and the best encapsulation company, the 3 watt led downlight at factory price gives off the brightest, smoothest lighting that is just perfect for that new project.For your next project that calls for 3 watt led downlights, look no where else but cnhidee. We shall sell this special downlight at factory price.For more details about this 3 watt led downlight at factory price, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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