Xicato XTM LED module with 9-mm LES delivers narrow beams and high center beam intensities

Xicato XTM LED module with 9-mm LES delivers narrow beams and high center beam intensities
Xicato XTM LED module with 9-mm LES delivers narrow beams and high center beam intensities

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Xicato, a leading manufacturer of intelligent light sources, has expanded its XTM LED module product portfolio, and will feature it at SPARC International Lighting Show in Sydney, Australia. The new LED module features a 9mm light-emitting surface (LES) that enables the narrow beam angles and high center beam intensities that lighting designers require, especially for retail, hospitality, and museum applications.

“Our 9mm XTM module produces the lit effect designers have requested and the color quality, consistency and longevity that is expected of Xicato products,” said John Yriberri, vice president of business development. “We have been asked by lighting designers to enable tight beams with a high center beam punch. With the XTM 9mm we can achieve 15,000 candela from a 50mm diameter optic and over 70,000 candela from a 111mm diameter optic. This is industry leading performance that allows specifiers to address many more applications.”

Xicato will offer a full range of 9mm XTM LED module options for light, correlated color temperature and luminous flux. Efficacies will be as high as 90 lumens per watt and CRIs up to Ra 98 for the Artist Series™.
The Zhaga-compatible Xicato XTM LED module is available for shipment now in 19mm and 9mm LES options for creative layering of light.

About Xicato
Xicato designs and develops light sources, electronics and optics that enable architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces in which people love to live and work. With thousands of installations around the globe, Xicato continues to be a leading supplier of high quality lighting solutions. Xicato is defining the future of intelligent light sources by integrating electronics, software and connectivity.
Founded in 2007, Xicato’s headquarters and manufacturing is based in Silicon Valley and the company has offices in China, Japan, Europe and the US.
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