Brilliance LED, LLC Recognized by Cree Inc. as Branding Partner

Jan. 12, 2015
After 7 years in the making, Brilliance LED, a manufacturer of fine landscape retrofit LED lamps, is recognized by Cree Inc., a multinational manufacturer of semiconductor light-emitting diode materials and devices, as a Landscape Branding Partner.

Cree is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina and recognized in the industry by both lighting manufacturers and lighting consumers for it’s technology, innovation, high performing products as well as its commitment to driving LED lighting adoption.

Brilliance LED, LLC is a manufacturer of high-quality retrofit landscaping lamps headquartered in Carefree, Arizona. Brilliance leads the LED landscape lighting arena and sets the stage to obsolete the incandescent light bulb through the us of energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED retrofit lamps.

This partnership will help raise the bar in the LED lighting industry as a whole by increasing the visibility of Brilliance LED producing high quality landscape retrofit LED lamps with Cree’s strong brand position.



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