NanoLED-17, a 295nm sub-nanosecond LED source

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The NanoLED-17 is the first diode-based light source to emit nanosecond pulses at 295nm. It is ideal for preferentially exciting tryptophan residues in proteins. A typical pulse duration of 1.0ns means that decay components as short as 100ps can be measured when used in conjunction with HORIBA Jobin Yvon-IBH decay analysis reconvolution software.

The NanoLED-17 source is designed for use with our controller module and is interchangeable with the entire range of NanoLED sources, including our wide range of picosecond diode lasers.

An adjustable UV-grade quartz lens inside the NanoLED-17 relays light from the diode to your optical system. Mechanical coupling is achieved using a quick-release mounting and adapters are available for a range of spectrometers, including the FluoroCube and FluoroLog systems.

Summary of features
- 295nm peak wavelength
- Tail-free sub-nanosecond pulses
- High repetition rate
- Gold-plated compact casing
- Built-in adjustable UV-grade quartz lens
- Fully interchangeable with all other NanoLED sources
- 35mm diameter quick-release mounting

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