D45 trilly Garden “abat-jour”

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Thanks to the high emission led technology coupled to an innovative design of original aesthetic impact, with a power of 2,5W only, trilly is able to generate attractive luminous effects for the scenic lighting of gardens, alleys, walkways, entries and outdoor areas in general.
High quality materials, perfect watertightness and minimal power of led sources, guarantee a “no cost” operation to this innovative outdoor diffuser.

- diffuser in opal satin finish high-resistant metacrylate
- body and support in transparent high-resistant metacrylate
- 18/8 stainless steel screws - AISI 304
- silicone rubber gaskets
- high emission led sources - 2,5 W power
- electronic feeding 110/240V - 50/60Hz
- 18/8 - AISI 304 stainless steel fixing base
- ground recessed pit in technopolymer
- Class II insulation
- IP65 protection (jet-proof from any direction)

Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione via carlo goldoni 18 - 20090 trezzano sul naviglio (milano) - italy tel. (0039) 02.445.777.1 fax (0039)


Web Site:http://www.castaldilluminazione.com

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