Inductorless multi-mode 700 mA LED charge pump

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8612 0 main Date Announced: 17 Mar 2005

Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC3215, a fractional charge pump, high current white LED driver that delivers up to 700mA of LED current. Its high efficiency multi-mode architecture automatically switches between 1x, 1.5x or 2x boost modes by monitoring the voltage across the LED current source and switching modes only when ILED dropout is detected. This enables the LTC3215 to maximize efficiency (up to 92%) throughout the entire Li-Ion operating range.

A 900kHz switching frequency and a low external parts count (two flying capacitors, two programming resistors and two bypass capacitors at VIN and CPO) provide a very tiny footprint and cost-effective solution, ideally suited for video and flash applications in camera phones and other portable lighting applications.

The LTC3215 employs built-in soft-start circuitry which prevents excessive inrush current during start-up. An ultralow dropout current source maintains accurate LED current as the input voltage approaches the LED forward voltage. The LTC3215 is available in a low profile (0.75mm), 3mm x 3mm 10-lead DFN package.

The LTC3215EDD is available from stock in a DFN-10 package. Pricing starts at $1.75 each for 1,000-piece quantities.

Summary of Features: LTC3215
High Efficiency Operation: 1x, 1.5x or 2x Boost Modes with Automatic Mode Switching
Ultralow Dropout ILED Current Control
Output Current up to 700mA
Low Noise Constant Frequency Operation
Tiny Application Circuit (All Components <1mm Profile)
3mm x 3mm 10-Lead DFN Package

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