Integral announce the expansion of the Spacelux luminaire range

Spacelux Luminaire

Combining powerful illumination in a lightweight body, a wider choice of lumen levels deliver solutions for smaller spaces

LED lighting specialist, Integral, has announced the expansion of its Spacelux range of high-bay luminaires. Now available in an array of power outputs, the Spacelux has become a solution of choice in numerous interiors thanks to its versatility and showroom looks. As a lightweight yet powerful lighting solution, it is perfect for refurbishments where existing infrastructure is used to hang a new lighting scheme. Although fitted with a tough IK08-rated body, even the largest model in the Spacelux range weighs in at under 4Kg.

Whilst the original high lumen units found ready use in industrial applications, the new low-Kg alternatives have proved attractive to specifiers commissioning retail and sports hall refits. With 20,960 lumens available at the top of the range, the unit’s subtle diffuser delivers a strong low-glare illumination, whilst a special driver reduces flicker.

One success story is St Benedict’s Independent School, Ealing where Integral’s powerful 24000lm unit has transformed the sports hall into a facility fit for a multipurpose role. “St. Benedict’s effectively halved the energy needed by choosing LED and this important facility has been improved out of all recognition,” comments Ricardo Colombo, Senior Product Manager at Integral LED.

Similarly, at the WDHA Table Tennis Club in Wellingborough, 37 new Spacelux units have “transformed the playing area and fuelled new ambitions for the club” – according to General Secretary, Hitesh Jethwa. “The new luminaires provide a uniform pool of light across the playing area and suppress any glare in player vision – all without increasing running costs or wattage.”

Available in wattage ranging from the original 160W to 80W, the Spacelux comes in ‘cool white’ or ‘daylight’ colour and is available through trade counters across the UK.

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Integral LED has built a reputation for innovative, quality-tested products, at a keen price. With a 28-year track record in technology and semiconductor products, the business is geared to deliver a highly responsive and timely service to its customers.

Since the brand’s launch, Integral product managers take great care in developing the right LED products for the right application in terms of quality, function and reliability. Technicians at our in-house UK Light Lab work hard to thoroughly check performance data. Integral LED has built a reputation for quality and have been awarded eleven Which? Best Buys, reflecting the vigilance of the testing regime.

Integral LED is meeting the challenge to create a comprehensive range of well-priced, innovative LED products that out-perform the competition, saving energy and money, as well as benefiting the environment.


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