Reggiani helps provide a unique and upmarket shopping environment for Fortnum & Mason

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Iconic London Department Store chooses Yori fittings for precision illumination

Speirs + Major, leading London-based lighting designers, have chosen Reggiani’s Yori Evo Box luminaires for use on the newly refurbished ground floor of the prestigious London department store. Fortnum & Mason are well-known for their exquisite hampers, unique gifts, wines, teas, coffees and much more.  The class-leading performance, efficiency and aesthetics of this Yori precision spotlight have together helped Speirs + Major produce a high-quality lighting scheme designed to capture the quintessentially British spirit of the brand and make it relevant to the modern customer.

The flagship store, which has been on the same site at 181 Piccadilly for over 300 years, has been undergoing a multi-million pound refurbishment which recently saw the transformation of the ground floor space.  The specific Fortnum & Mason brief for the lighting was to create a scheme offering the best possible colour rendering along with precision illumination focused solely on the product.

Speirs + Major soon identified Reggiani’s Yori Evo Box luminaire as the ideal tool for the task and offered it to Fortnum & Mason along with two alternatives. The store itself quickly homed in on the Yori Evo Box as the perfect choice because of its very high CRI and tight, controlled beam angles. More than 300 75mm Yori spotlights equipped with a 24W LED and precision optic were subsequently installed.

With precision control being of paramount importance, Speirs + Major aspired to create a balanced lit effect on the target merchandise with no overspill. This they achieved through the informed use of the Yori Evo Box which was supplied with a diffusive lens to gently spread and soften the beam angle where required and a honeycomb louvre to eliminate glare where projection was required over longer distances. The entire scheme was then finely balanced by means of the on-board dimmers so as to achieve total uniformity irrespective of the location of the luminaire on the existing track layout. The sharply-defined spread of light successfully provides visual drama for each individual display gondola.

The flexibility afforded by the Reggiani Yori system also meant that all the luminaires could be directly retrofitted onto - and were fully compatible with - the existing track, thereby greatly reducing the requirement for supplementary 3-circuit track.

In this way, the unique flexibility of  Reggiani’s Yori Evo Box luminaire and accessories, combined with the artistry and foresight of the Speirs + Major scheme designers, have together resulted in a perfect focus on visual merchandising within the Piccadilly store, enticingly designed to delight the customers and show the high-end merchandise at its consummate best. 


Established in 1957, Reggiani is now an International benchmark in the lighting industry, a community of lighting experts that provides its customers with cutting-edge technological solutions with an open, collaborative and problem solving approach. The constant development of innovative products and the expertise gained in over 50 years of activity in the field has outlined an increasingly open exchange with the world of lighting designers and architects, with whom Reggiani has established a relationship founded on sharing ideas and best practices and to whom Reggiani provides solutions and support to meet any creative requirement. Reggiani has a widespread distribution in 80 Countries worldwide and its offices in Italy, USA, UK, China, France and Russia cover an area of 110,000 m2, including areas devoted to production, offices, showrooms and warehouses.


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