Totalight offers free LED lamps

Customers can receive free LED lamps and then make regular payments over a two-year period based on the energy savings achieved.

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Totalight, a UK-based LED lamp supplier, says that it is giving away its new GU10 dimmable indoor LED lamps in return for a share of the energy savings that they create.

The 5.3W LED lamps are intended to replace 50W GU10 halogen lamps. Based on the energy savings provided by switching to the LED lamps, Totalight will recoup regular payments for the lamps, over a period of two years, as an alternative to a traditional outright purchase.

To agree the payback rate, customers receiving the lamps disclose the price of electricity that they are paying (in pence per kilowatt-hour) and the average hours of daily usage. Using these figures, Totalight calculates a regular payment schedule over a two-year period so that Totalight receives a share of the recipient’s future savings.

After two years, full ownership is transferred to the customer, who then benefits fully from all ongoing energy savings. A two-year free-replacement warranty is provided on the lamps.

Totalight managing director Mark Blanchfield said that the giveaway is intended to “make energy saving as simple and achievable as possible. By giving our new lamps away, we smash any reluctance caused by the high purchase price seen currently in the LED market.”

However, the lamps can also be purchased up front, and Totalight acknowledges that this might be seen as a better deal. “If Totalight provides the lamps for free, we make more money in the long run,” said Blanchfield. “However, we shoulder the initial outlay to give the customer a no-cost way to switch and save, which has zero impact on their cash flow.”

Blanchfield explained that the straight purchase option gives the buyer the choice to take all the financial savings. “It’s up to the individual organization which is the best model for them – it’s win-win in terms of money saving and energy saving, whatever their preference,” he said.

Totalight says that it has been developing its new dimmable TL403GU-D lamps for 18 months and is using the high-quality components including Cree LEDs. The body is fabricated in aluminum for good heat management and stability, and the light is warm white.

The company also says that 85 per cent of the components in its lamps are reusable, excluding the LEDs, and that it is currently considering a refurbishment service to minimize landfill.

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