LSG and Senergy aim to help municipalities adopt LED lighting

Lighting Science Group has entered a nationwide marketing and supply agreement with Senergy USA to offer LED lighting to municipalities.

LED lighting manufacturer Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSG) and Senergy USA, LLC, have entered into an agreement to coordinate marketing and supply efforts to American cities, counties and towns. Senergy USA provides municipalities with “environmentally appropriate” lighting solutions that offer significant and immediate cost savings with no capital outlay from the municipalities.

Under the agreement, Senergy will utilize the Lighting Science PROLIFIC series roadway luminaires to replace inefficient, high-pressure sodium cobra-head street lights.

“The PROLIFIC luminaires…will allow Senergy to offer municipalities a ‘triple-win’ for street lighting: immediate cost savings, massive reductions in lighting-related energy use, and superior lighting over the long term,” said Leon Silvera, Managing Partner, Senergy USA.

LSG claims that its PROLIFIC Series Roadway family has “substantially increased light efficacy when compared to other LED roadway fixtures currently available on the market.” The LSR2 has an output of 5890 lm at 79 lm/W efficacy, for example, while the LSR3 has an output of 9365 lm at 92 lm/W.

Currently, Senergy and Lighting Science Group say that they are working on half a dozen pilot programs representing over 200,000 street lights nationwide. The pilot programs are showing as much as 67% reduction in energy consumption, while meeting or exceeding existing safety-standard compliance.

LSG and Senergy estimate that a medium-sized municipality with 12,000 street lights can save over $700,000 per year, cut its carbon footprint by nearly 3,500 metric tons (equivalent to over 650 cars each year), and save nearly five million kWh/year, greatly reducing its exposure to volatile energy prices.

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