Philips introduces third-generation LED linear light module (Updated)

Philips Lighting has upgraded the performance of its Fortimo Linear Light Module (LLM) family with a constant light output feature in conjunction with the latest SSL Xitanium drivers.

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Philips Lighting has launched a third-generation LED-based Fortimo Linear Light Module (LLM) that targets applications such as outdoor lighting including roadway applications. Moreover, solid-state lighting (SSL) product developers can now combine an LLM with a Xitanium driver and achieve Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality to combat lumen depreciation over time

Fortimo Gen 3 LLM and Xitanium driver

The new LED LLM Gen 3 family is available in a choice of four lumen-output packages – 1100, 1800, 3000, and 4500 lm. Philips also offers a choice of 3000K or 4000K CCT, and a CRI greater than 70.

Philips, like others, is also stressing the vertical illuminance of the LLM products. Increasingly vertical illuminance is proving more important than horizontal illuminance in outdoor applications – especially where detection of pedestrians is important. There is a discussion of that issue in an article on the Street & Area Lighting Conference that was in the Fall issue of our sister publication Illumination in Focus.

"The Fortimo LED LLM provides excellent vertical illumination for optimal facial recognition, enhancing that feeling of safety," said Marina Kishkovich, product manager outdoor LED lighting for Philips OEM EMEA. "Municipalities understand that today’s LED lighting technology not only delivers fantastic energy savings but also dramatically improves the quality of life for residents. LEDs provide clear white light, which has been proven to improve both perceived and actual safety and comfort in residential and urban lighting."

Back to the CLO feature, the driver and module design combine to save additional energy early in the lifetime of an SSL luminaire because the product does not have to be operated at 100% of output. Invariably lighting designers and specifiers choose a product with a lumen-output specification that will meet the required light level years in the future – accounting in the specification process for expected lumen depreciation.

The Philips Gen 3 product simply drives the LEDs at lower current levels early in the product life. Over time, the intelligent driver gradually increases drive current, and therefore energy usage, and maintains a precise lumen output over the projected life of the product.

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