The Climate Group details the results of India LED street light projects, releases LightSavers report

The Climate Group has released details on SSL street light projects in Haldia, Thane, Burdwan, and Cuttack, India, and has also published the final report on the global LightSavers trial.

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With support from the British High Commission, The Climate Group has undertaken four LED street-light projects in the India cities of Haldia, Thane, Burdwan, and Cuttack – working with local authorities with the goal of significant energy savings. Meanwhile the organization has also issued the final report on the LightSavers project that involved 14 trials of outdoor solid-state lighting (SSL) in different climates around the globe.

In India, The Climate Group has worked with policy makers and urban local bodies (ULBs) to install LED street lights and develop a plan that would support broader deployment of the technology. The work has encompassed the states of West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Orissa.

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HPS on left, SSL on right

The Climate Group both helps the ULBs prepare specifications and technically evaluate bids. Moreover, the organization will evaluate and monitor the performance of the products after installation.

In the West Bengal city of Haldia, the Haldia Development Authority has already installed 1020 LED fixtures with the help of The Climate Group. The result is a 70,000 kWh monthly reduction in energy usage that equates to a savings of INR 500,000 (about $9200). The project cost INR 40 million (about $734,350) and Haldia hopes to recoup its investment in six years.

In Thane, The Climate Group worked with the Thane Municipal Corporation, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency to install 310 LED street lights. The project cost INR 8 million (about $147,000) and is delivering a 47% reduction in energy usage.

In Burdwan, a project with the Burdwan Development Authority is still in the planning stages. The tender process is underway to acquire 354 LED street lights. Likewise a project in Cuttack is in the early stages. The Climate Group has identified 1285 street lights for replacement. The organization projects that Cuttack will be able to save INR 3 million (about $55,000) in energy cost and an additional INR 1.3 million (about $24,000) in maintenance cost annually.

The Climate Group is working to establish a financing mechanism that will enable additional large-scale projects in the region, because many of the ULBs lack the resources required for the up-front acquisition. The organization is progressing with private stakeholders that will finance such projects and recover the investment using an ESCO (Energy Service Company)-like model.

LightSavers global trial

Moving to the LightSavers trial that was global in scope, the final report summarizes that SSL street lighting can reduce energy consumption up to 70%. Indeed almost a third of the 29 different SSL products tested delivered 70% savings and the average was 58%.

Other results include positive subjective tests from volunteers that reported feeling safer under the LED lights. Moreover the LED lights delivered superior color and lumen maintenance relative to the legacy lighting. For more details on the LightSavers project, see the longer story we posted on our Illumination in Focus website. Also watch for an upcoming feature article on the project in our June issue.

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