Energy Focus, Inc. launches network-ready LED lighting

Sept. 30, 2016
Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ:EFOI), a leader in LED lighting technologies, has announced the launch of two new products, 500NR Network-Ready Series LED Tube and Intellitube® NR Network-Ready Tube.

Created with high-quality components, these are the first retrofit TLEDs on the market to put dimming technology directly inside the tubes. This Internet of Things technology enables the UL-approved tubes to be directly connected to and controlled by the building’s automation system or lighting control system. In addition to the 50-percent energy savings of switching to LED, building owners can save approximately 20-percent more by utilizing the dimming feature.

“At Energy Focus we are devoted to engineering products that make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient,” said Jeremy Heilman, Vice President of Research and Development. “Our network-ready, 100-percent flicker-free tubes ensure our customers are using the least amount of power to produce a bright amount of healthy light, and result in over 50-percent energy savings.”

The Intellitube® NR Network-Ready Tube adds Network Readiness to the Intellitube’s® innovative features, making it easier than ever for companies to meet their lighting needs with controllable LED solutions. Launched in 2015, the Intellitube® is Energy Focus’s commercial adaptation of the LED lighting solution the company developed in cooperation with DARPA for use in combat-ready Navy ships. The Intellitube’s® patented dual-mode design makes retrofit of old fluorescent light fittings with new LED lighting tubes easy and safe. The Intellitube® is compatible with a wide variety of fluorescent ballasts, a necessary component needed to regulate the current to fluorescent lighting. Intellitubes® can also work without a ballast, utilizing its integrated, auto-ranging universal line LED driver.

The 500NR Network-Ready Series LED Tube is an upgrade on Energy Focus’s 500D direct wire solution, which operates without a ballast. The 500NR is engineered so that all the circuitry needed to operate the tube is located inside the tube, eliminating the need for the costly and inefficient external drivers and other components. Eliminating the ballast allows a building owner to save five to ten additional watts per fixture, which contributes to incremental savings.

Both the Intellitube® NR Network-Ready Tube and the 500NR Network-Ready Series LED Tube come in various lengths ranging from 2’/24” to 4’/48”, several color temperature and maximum brightness options, and integrated LED drivers. Performance is maintained across the board, with 150lm/W for all powers, all colors, in the clear lens, and 140lm/W with the frosted diffusing lens, reducing the power required to provide equivalent light levels of a 4-foot fluorescent tube from 28-32 watts to merely 11 watts.

These solutions continue Energy Focus’s commitment to high-performance, low-cost retrofit and both provide a pathway to eliminate ballasts from the lighting system, either at the time of installation or during normal maintenance. Building owners are saving the risk and cost of replacing an exterior ballast and the additional energy and cost savings that come from eliminating the inefficiency of a ballast.

To learn more about the UL-approved 500NR Network Ready Series LED Tube and the Intellitube® Network Ready Tube, please call 1-800-327-7877 or visit

About Energy Focus, Inc.
Energy Focus, Inc. is a leading provider and innovator of energy efficient LED lighting products. As the creator of the only 100-percent flicker-free LED products on the market, Energy Focus products provide extensive energy savings, aesthetics, safety and health benefits over conventional and fluorescent lighting. As a long standing partner with the US Government providing energy efficient LED lighting products to the U.S. Navy and the Military Sealift Command fleets, Energy Focus products go through rigorous testing in the most adverse conditions possible and still have a zero percent failure rate. In the commercial sphere, customers include national, state and local U.S. government agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies across education, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Energy Focus is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, with additional sales offices in Washington, D.C., New York and Taiwan.


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