Lumenpulse lights entrance to Lightfair 2013 venue

Date Announced: 14 Jan 2013

Montreal, QC & Philadelphia, PA - When Lightfair 2013 attendees walk through the Broad Street entrance of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, they’ll be sauntering under a canopy lit by Lumenpulse’s Lumenbeam Large Color Changing fixtures. The lighting design is part of the Center’s $786 million expansion, which took 5 years to complete.

The Lighting Practice (TLP) was tasked with specifying high-quality illumination for the Broad Street entrance, where the previous luminaires had failed because of water ingress. “Most of the mounting infrastructure on the face of a 14”x4” steel beam was re-used and the Lumenbeams were installed one-for-one to replace the existing fixtures,” says Stephen Hoppe, TLP project designer. “We knew that Lumenpulse’s lensing was tightly sealed and had been successfully installed in many exterior applications.”

Lumenpulse President and CEO François-Xavier Souvay couldn’t be more pleased. “It’s an honor to have our fixtures be a part of the Lightfair 2013 experience,” he says. “It’s also an unparalleled privilege to have them impact the urban experience of Philadelphia residents every day. And The Lighting Practice did a beautiful job of creating a powerful effect with the color-changing luminaires.”

The 94 Lumenbeam Large fixtures are approximately 3.5 times more efficient than the previous installations, and are visible from several blocks.

For information, contact Olivia Collette Public Relations Manager, Lumenpulse (514) 937-3003


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