EIC Group finished LED street lighting retrofit project in Kunshan China

Date Announced: 29 Jan 2013

EIC GROUP finished 1200 pcs LED street lighting project in Kunshan China and checked and approved by Kunshan government. This project is a milestone for Kunshan to promote LED street lighting. EIC is proud to be the first company in Kunshan to present its HEAT ENGINE LED street lighting and win the bidding.

In Kunshan, there are thousands of 250W and 400W HPSL.The public lighting will consumpt more and more limited electricity. This project is a trial to use EIC's 90W Dolphin series LED street light to replace 250W HPSL. more than 64% of energy can be saved. What's more, the LED street lights are more bright and clear and improve the road lighting condition, safer and brillant city EIC brings.

Roger Lee Sales Engineer︱LED Lighting A Member of EIC GROUP Mob: +86-18913251062

E-mail: sa02@eicsun.com

Web Site: www.eicsun.com

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