Articulight, Inc. has introduced the Radian high-power LED ellipsoidal profile projectors series

Date Announced: 23 Jul 2012

Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA - Articulight, Inc has recently launched the RADIANT™ which is a newly developed series of high power LED spot, image, framing, zoom, white in a variety of color temperatures, RGBW and CYM ellipsoidal profile projectors. The RADIANT™ series is driven by an advance power LED COB module and is equipped with high quality optical system designed to yield maximum light output and high definition beam. It comes with a long life LED light source in order to produce impressive graphics and colors which surpass the effects of fixtures in its class. The RADIANT™ is easy to install and operate and is light weight housed in a stylish and functional housing.

Currently, the range consists of the following models designed to address a variety of different projection requirements. The series was designed to meet a multitude of applications in the entertainment, architectural, retail and display markets. Choose the projector that suits your application.

RADIANT 150™ model SE-150, 150w LED Ellipsoidal

RADIANT 150 DMX™ model SE-150-DMX, 150w LED DMX Ellipsoidal

RADIANT 150 CYM™ model SE-150-CYM, 150w LED CYM Ellipsoidal

RADIANT 200 RGBW™ model SE-200-RGBW, 200w LED RGBW Ellipsoidal

RADIANT DMX 240™ model SE-240-DMX, 200w LED DMX Ellipsoidal

RADIANT ZOOM DMX 120™ model SE-120Z, 120w LED ZOOM DMX Ellipsoidal

RADIANT ZOOM DMX 170™ model SE-170Z, 170w LED ZOOM DMX Ellipsoidal

Articulight, Inc 15-06 Morlot Avenue Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410 USA Tel: 201-796-2690 Fax: 201-796-8818


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