Runion Energy offers LED high-bay solution for under $400

Date Announced: 14 Feb 2012

The Lusio Essentials Bay 2-Module fixture delivers up to 11,960 lumen's with an efficacy of 103.1 lumen's per watt in an economically designed housing for high bay and low bay applications.

The 2-Module fixture (LW-LUSIO-ES-BAY-2M) is a great energy-saving alternative to 4-lamp T5HO fluorescent and 250W metal halide fixture in a linear 1x4 ft housing. In some cases depending on FC needed will replace a 400w MH.

This fixture is typically used for mounting heights of 15-30 feet (4.5-9 m).

7-year Warranty UL Listed

Dimming Option

Custom Installed Motion Sensor

Custom Hanging Kit

IES Files available upon request

Lead Times 1-3 weeks depending on volume

12" x 44" Footprint

Key Features
Light Output and Power Consumption: 5000K (Nominal) 4000K (Nominal
Average Lumens: 11,960 lm 11,380 lms 11,670 lms
Wattage 116 W 123 W 120 W
Efficacy 103.1 lm/W 92.5 lm/W 97.7 lm/W
Power Input: 110-277, 347-480 VAC (50/60 hz)
Power Factor: Minimum 0.9 (Typical 0.99)
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 20%
Dimming: Optional factory installed dimmable power supply that interfaces to standard third party 0-10V dimmers.
Sensors: Optional on-board, factory installed occupancy sensors available.
L70 Lifetimes: 70,000 hours minimum
Distribution: 115° distribution. 1.44 maximum spacing criterion (diagonal) allows for wide fixture spacing and high uniformity.

Philip Runion 304-263-3695


Web Site:

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