LED light sources ranging from individual packaged emitters, to arrays, COB LEDs, and modules enable energy efficient and high quality SSL products.

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Surface-emissive OLED panels mature slowly, remain spectacular

Surface-emissive OLED panels mature slowly, remain spectacular (MAGAZINE)

Over the past year, manufacturers of OLED panels have improved color performance and lifetime, but as Maury Wright reports, high cost remains an issue that limits the technology to niche applications.

Quantum dot technology progresses, ships in LED-backlit LCD TVs (MAGAZINE)

Ken Marrin reports that quantum dots are poised to unleash high-color-gamut performance in LCDs, especially in TV applications, as materials manufacturers work through reliability, cost, and lifetime issues.

Tridonic announces OLED module and LED-based dimmable downlight engine

Tridonic has extended both its LED-based modular Stark light engine family and its Lureon Rep OLED product line with higher-efficacy modules for SSL luminaire developers.

LED business news: FTC vs Lights of America; Intematix, Veeco, Synos (Updated)

The Federal Trade Commision won a federal court ruling against Lights of America, while Intematix announces new green aluminate phosphor patents, and Veeco buys Synos to support OLED manufacturing.

OLED research: Colnatec and Novaled partner, University of Utah pursues white...

Novaled and Colnatec hope to control film thickness with novel sensing technology on OLED roll-to-roll production lines, while researchers at the University of Utah have tuned a plastic polymer that could yield true white OLEDs.





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