Simplifying the sophisticated: LED driver selection made easy (MAGAZINE)

Simplifying the sophisticated: LED driver selection made easy (MAGAZINE)

Scott Barney takes developers through the decision-making tree for SSL system driver selection, pointing out potential issues and highlighting the cost and benefits of common specification options.
Proper driver design eliminates LED light strobe flicker (MAGAZINE)

Proper driver design eliminates LED light strobe flicker (MAGAZINE)

LED driver architectures determine SSL flicker, explain Zhaoqi Mao, Lane Ge, and GARY HUA, but techniques that suppress ripple can prove cost effective and deliver comfortable LED-based lighting.
Four ways to die: Overcoming common challenges in SSL design (MAGAZINE)

Four ways to die: Overcoming common challenges in SSL design (MAGAZINE)

Nat Cannon details common causes of LED failure in solid-state lighting systems, and offers guidance on avoiding the potential pitfalls and delivering reliable products.

IES updates LED Lumen Maintenance document (MAGAZINE)

IES updates LED Lumen Maintenance document (MAGAZINE)

Jianzhong Jiao explains that the IES is publishing addendums to both the LM-80 standard for testing LEDs and documenting lumen maintenance, and to the TM-21 standard for projecting LED and SSL syst...
LED advancements drive quality of light gains (MAGAZINE)

LED advancements drive quality of light gains (MAGAZINE)

GaN-on-GaN LED technology can deliver better light quality in terms of color rendering and accurate bright whites while also providing a lumen-per-wafer advantage over conventional LEDs, write Aure...
SIL program spans LED technology to the breadth of emerging SSL applications (MAGAZINE)

SIL program spans LED technology to the breadth of emerging SSL applications (MAGAZINE)

Quality of light was the predominant theme at Strategies in Light, reports Maury Wright, but the 2014 conference reflected a maturation of LED technology with speakers addressing a broad scope of t...
Research projects five years of growth for packaged LEDs and SSL (MAGAZINE)

Research projects five years of growth for packaged LEDs and SSL (MAGAZINE)

Bracketing the keynote presentations at Strategies in Light, Strategies Unlimited analysts reported positive developments in the LED component and lighting markets, reports Maury Wright, with both ...
Land of context confusion (MAGAZINE)

Land of context confusion (MAGAZINE)

Return on experience, says Derry Berrigan, may be more important than return on investment when we apply SSL to the built environment with a focus on the people that will use the space.

Is saving energy through SSL an empty promise? (MAGAZINE)

Is saving energy through SSL an empty promise? (MAGAZINE)

We write about LED-based lighting constantly, and a recurring theme is the energy savings that can be had in applications from residential to institutional to commercial through the broader deploym...

Cree and Ewo deliver LED high-mast lighting at Munich Airport

High-mast outdoor lighting applications are one area-lighting technology in which LEDs have struggled to find success with fixtures mounted at 100 ft or higher.

Zhaga Consortium appoints new Secretary General, expands scope to electrical

The Zhaga Consortium is under new leadership as of April 1, 2014 when Musa Unmehopa took on the position of Secretary General, replacing Menno Treffers, who has guided the organization since its in...

UL launches enhanced Type TL LED driver certification program

UL has announced an addition to its UL Recognized Component Program that is meant to simplify the process of modular LED driver selection for SSL product development teams.

LightingEurope's SSL-erate initiative debuts lighting education resource

LightingEurope has used Light+Building to broaden the impact of the market transformation SSL-erate program, which has been partially funded by the European Union (EU), with the launch of the Light...

Daintree and LG Electronics partner on LED lighting and controls

LG Electronics and Daintree Networks have announced a partnership intended to spur deployment of wirelessly-connected commercial lighting systems that are integrated with building- and energy-manag...

London makes LED streetlight plans

The Transport for London (TfL) transit authority has announced plans in conjunction with the Mayor's office to upgrade 35,000 streetlights with LED luminaires and to install a networked adaptive co...

Philips and Ericsson plan to combine LED lighting and mobile broadband

Royal Philips has announced a partnership with Ericsson to combine LED-based street lights and mobile broadband access points on the same poles.

Cooper Lighting supplies LEDs to Detroit airport

The Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) has undertaken a lighting retrofit in parking garages at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) with LED lighting projected to reduce energy consumption by...

TerraLUX linear light engines replace fluorescents in condominiums

TerraLUX has announced an LED-based lighting project in San Jose, California in which fluorescent lamps in 200 wall sconces were replaced with linear light engines.

Bridgelux announces LED-based module to speed outdoor development

Bridgelux has announced the Outdoor Lighting Module (OLM) LED-based product family meant to accelerate the development cycle for manufacturers working on outdoor-lighting products.

Xicato launches connected and Zhaga-compatible LED modules

Xicato has introduced the XIM LED module that combines the company's remote phosphor technology with sensors and wired and wireless connectivity options that will enable manufacturers to simply add...

Cree launches 8000-lm LED module, sets lab efficacy mark

Cree has announced a new LED module in the LMH2 family that can deliver 8000 lm and replace 150W ceramic metal-halide lamps (CMH) in applications such as high-ceiling areas.

Revolution Lighting acquires Value lighting

LED Lighting vendor Revolution Lighting will pay $35.6M for Value Lighting and assume $3.5M in debt.

Lutron and Crestron settle RF patent suit

Lutron Electronics has announced that it settled an RF-centric patent-infringement lawsuit against Crestron, with the latter agreeing to license intellectual property (IP) related to wireless commu...

Cree launches XB-H LED family, tripling output

Cree has announced another LED in its high-power XLamp family that is smaller than most mid-power LEDs yet delivers significantly more light output and includes primary optics for beam control.

Lighting Science Group enters into new $53M credit facility

Lighting Science has entered into a new $53 million credit facility agented by Medley Capital Corp. Proceeds from the transaction will be used to refinance existing debt and to fund operations as t...

Seoul Semi adds high-voltage mid-power emitters

Seoul Semiconductor has integrated high-power-like features in the Acrich MJT 2525 LED (pictured) with a 22V forward voltage and new package that includes a primary optic.

Lumileds adds high-voltage mid-power Luxeon LEDs

Philips Lumileds has announced the Luxeon 3535 HV LED family that, as the model suffix implies, operates from higher voltages; 24V and 48V versions are available.

Samsung introduces flip-chip mid- and high-power LEDs, SSL module

Delivering on a new LED architecture first disclosed at the February Strategies in Light (SIL) conference, Samsung has announced the LM131A mid-power and LH141A high-power LED families based on a f...

Light duty trucks get tough LED headlamps

Ford has announced that the light-duty F-150 truck line will now have LED headlamps that are designed to last longer than headlamps based on legacy sources while also delivering superior reliability.
EEPCA and LightingEurope announce performance mark for LED lighting

EEPCA and LightingEurope announce performance mark for LED lighting

The ENEC+ mark announced at Light+Building will serve to certify the initial performance of legacy and LED-based lighting products, while LightingEurope also used the mammoth event to launch the Li...





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