US DOE releases results from Round 13 of Caliper testing

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has completed Round 13 of product testing through the Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Caliper program. The summary report containing the results is now available for download on the DOE SSL website.

Minimum efficacy and performance spread improved with Round 13 SSL products.
Round 13 efficacy
Round 13 of product testing included three primary focus areas: LED and benchmark high-bay luminaires, LED wallpack luminaires, and LED and benchmark 2x2-foot troffers.

The Round 13 summary report provides an overview of photometric performance results, and compares the results with respect to similar products that use conventional light sources, results from earlier rounds of Caliper testing, and manufacturer ratings.

On average, the Round 13 LED luminaires show a significant improvement in efficacy over LED luminaires tested in 2009 and 2010, with a minimum efficacy close to the average observed in 2009–2010. In addition, the variation in performance across the Round 13 LED luminaires is less than in 2009–2010 products; that is, there were smaller differences between minimum and maximum efficacy (see chart), as well as other parameters.

The Caliper summary report from Round 12 of product testing was published in June, which included SSL recessed downlights, SSL track lights, SSL A-lamps, benchmark 100W incandescent A-lamps and 70-100W halogen equivalents, SSL replacements for linear-fluorescent lamps in high-performance troffers, and SSL and benchmark cove lights.

In April, a Caliper study of retail replacement lamps revealed vast differences among the performance of 33 commercially-available lamps. Detailed individual test reports are now available for that study.

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