Philips adds Trilux to list of licensees for LED luminaire program

Philips (NYSE:PHG, AEX: PHI) and Trilux GmbH have entered into an LED license agreement. Trilux, an Arnsberg, Germany-based lighting manufacturer, will gain access to Philips’ patent portfolio via the Philips LED Luminaire licensing program.

“We are very pleased that Trilux has joined our licensing program. Philips believes that sharing its LED lighting solutions through licensing will accelerate the adoption of LED lighting and foster the growth of the LED industry,” said Arian Duijvestijn, General Manager Lighting at Philips Intellectual Property & Standards.

“As a top European luminaire supplier in the general illumination field, Trilux is very pleased to have found a renowned partner in Philips for constantly developing the LED technology,” said Dietmar Zembrot, Managing Director at Trilux. “We believe this agreement will enable us to further strengthen our offering of advanced LED lighting solutions to our customers.”

The agreement with Trilux follows earlier agreements between Philips and other key lighting players including Zumtobel, Osram and JB Lighting.

Philips’ SSL licensing program includes many of the company’s LED luminaire-related inventions. Philips says that its aim is “to speed up market adoption and growth by making available [our] patented technologies to third parties.”

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