Strategies Unlimited unveils top-ten list of LED manufacturers

Market research firm Strategies Unlimited has unveiled the top-ten list of HB-LED manufacturers in 2010, ranked by revenue from packaged LED sales.

Topped by privately-held Japanese manufacturer Nichia, the list also contains 2 other Japanese companies (Sharp, Toyoda Gosei) as well as 3 Korean suppliers (Samsung LED, Seoul Semiconductor and LG Innotek).

The USA is represented by Philips Lumileds and Cree, while Germany and Taiwan have one representative each (Osram Opto and Everlight, respectively).


Top ten LED makers in 2010:
Ranking by revenue of the top 10 suppliers in the HB-LED market in 2010

2010 ranking Company name
1 Nichia
2 Samsung LED
3 Osram Opto Semiconductors
4= Philips Lumileds Lighting
4= Seoul Semiconductor
6= Cree
6= LG Innotek
8 Sharp
9= Everlight
9= Toyoda Gosei
Source: Strategies Unlimited.
Notes: Companies have the same ranking when the difference in revenue is within the margin of error. Revenue includes packaged LED sales only.


According to Strategies Unlimited, the Korean manufacturers on the list – Samsung LED, Seoul Semiconductor, and LG Innotek – rode the boom in the LCD TV and monitor backlight market. Osram rode the rise of the Chinese HB-LED market, especially in the automobile sector. Lumileds’ success in high-power backlight products, cell phone flash, and architectural lighting contributed to much of its success. Cree’s dedicated focus on lighting ensured its continued strong position in the solid-state lighting revolution.

Strategies Unlimited’s HB-LED market analysis was presented by Ella Shum, Director of the company’s LED Practice, at the Strategies in Light conference on February 23 in Santa Clara, CA.

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