IMEC launches industrial affiliation program on GaN-on-Si technology

IMEC’s green LEDs on sapphire
IMEC’s green LEDs on sapphire
Belgium-based research center IMEC has launched an industrial affiliation program (IIAP) that will focus on gallium nitride (GaN) technology development for both power conversion and solid state lighting (SSL) applications.

One important program goal is to lower the cost of GaN technology by using large-diameter GaN-on-Si wafers, thus taking advantage of the scale of economics available through the use of silicon.

“GaN on large-diameter Si wafers (from 100mm and 150mm towards 200mm) - in combination with CMOS-compatible processes - offers the best perspective to create economically viable solutions,” said Marianne Germain, IMEC GaN program director.

Concerning SSL, one part of the IIAP will use GaN-on-Si technology to develop high-efficiency high-power white LEDs. Goals include improving external and internal quantum efficiencies and enabling high current operation.

III-nitrides in general exhibit excellent light emission properties in a very broad range of the visible and UV spectrum. However, LED illumination by these devices can only become broadly acceptable if new volume manufacturing technologies are developed that enable 150 lm/W LEDs, said IMEC.

IMEC is inviting both integrated device manufacturers and the compound semiconductor industry to join the program.

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