Osram Sylvania opens SSL research center, receives $2M DOE award

Charlie Jerabek and Martin Zachau
Charlie Jerabek and Martin Zachau
On April 8, Osram Sylvania opened an expanded, multi-million dollar Clean Lab LED center that is dedicated to solid-state lighting research in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The company also announced that a $2 million R&D development award from the US Department of Energy will take advantage of this new clean room facility.

Osram Sylvania will use the award to develop an LED replacement for a small halogen MR-16 spotlight. The award will also fund a basic research project to optimize LED phosphors for more efficient, next-generation white LEDs.

Part of the SSL research center
Part of the SSL research center
Osram Sylvania will begin work on the projects in mid-2009 and conclude by 2011 with published reports to DOE officials.

The fifth round of the US DOE Solid State Lighting Research and Development Program awards were announced March 27.

“This new clean room strengthens our research and development capabilities and makes us an even more valuable partner for the Department of Energy Solid State Lighting Programs,” said Martin Zachau, Osram Sylvania VP of research and development.

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