News Watch: Honda commercial, LED-backlit TVs

Insight into LEDs

After last week’s sheep-related marketing video sponsored by Samsung, Honda has also featured LEDs in a marketing campaign. The ad features what appears to be a large array of Insight hybrid vehicles (we understand that many of the vehicles were actually car-shaped boxes with headlights). The LED headlights of the cars are synchronized to create a giant LED screen, with each pixel formed from a headlight unit.

As well as the ad itself, you can also view the Making Of video on YouTube. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that versions of the Insight sold in overseas markets will actually have the LED headlights.

LED-backlit TVs and displays

An article in the Korea Times entitled Sony Crying, Samsung Smiling Over LED TVs says that Sony is on the verge of losing competitiveness in the next-generation TV war with its biggest rival, Samsung Electronics, because the Japanese firm is facing difficulty in securing key components for LED TVs.

Meanwhile, another article entitled LEDs Emerge as Next Battlefield, also from the Korea Times, says that leading consumer electronics majors such as Samsung and LG are gearing up for competition in the LED-backlit TV market.

Although the global consumer electronics industry is in "defensive mode" due to slowing demand for electronics products, "Green IT" is growing in importance, especially in the area of energy-saving electronic consumer products, says the article. As a result, stocks of LED-related companies in Korea, including Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Seoul Semiconductor, have been rallying in recent months.

Samsung has just launched its range of LED-backlit TVs in the USA - see Samsung Announces Availability for its Next Generation LED HDTVs. These models all use edge-lighting (the LEDs are positioned around the edge of the LCD panel) to enable an ultra-thin configuration, with a thickness of about 1.2 inches.

Apple LED Cinema Display (and MacBook)
Meanwhile, Apple has unveiled its new
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