Cree XLamp LEDs to make a splash at Beijing Olympics

XLamp LEDs from Cree will be used to provide the effects lighting for the new Beijing National Aquatics Centre. The Aquatics Centre, commonly known as the Water Cube, will be the home for nearly all of the 2008 Summer Olympics aquatic events.

This unusual venue spans some 80,000 square meters, and will have approximately 440,000 LEDs embedded throughout the structure.

The Water Cube integrates the geometry of water bubbles into a rectangular, plastic structure. LED lighting fixtures will illuminate the bubble designs from inside the structure’s translucent walls, allowing the entire building to glow with extraordinary color-changing LED light.

"The Water Cube is designed to provide spectacular lighting effects to be seen by millions of people around the world during the Olympics and for years to come,” said XiGuang Fu, chief engineer for Grandar Landscape Lighting and Technology Group, the primary contractor for the lighting project.

“We chose Cree XLamp LEDs because they provide industry-leading performance, and they provide the reliability and design flexibility needed for this highly visible project. Cree also provided technical support that will help make the Water Cube a remarkable, world-renowned lighting installation."

“The scale of the project, combined with unique lighting controls provided by Grandar, will result in a truly memorable display of changing images and colors,” said Scott Schwab, Cree Asia Pacific managing director. “It’s an extraordinary design that relies on LEDs to create dramatic effects while consuming as little energy as possible.”

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