Super Signs #1 - the Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Viva Vision
The Viva Vision screen forms the canopy of a pedestrian shopping area and stretches for 4 blocks, or 1400 feet. It is 125 feet wide and 90 feet above the ground.

The project cost $17 million to complete, with the LED display replacing 2.1 million incandescent bulbs.

The system integrator was LG CNS Co. Ltd (Seoul, Korea) while Las Vegas-based Casino Lighting & Sign handled the installation. Newton technologies (Gwangju, Korea) supplied the control systems and LED modules, containing 12.5 million red, green and blue LEDs from Japan's Toyoda Gosei.

Viva Vision
Light and sound shows are presented each night, backed with 220 speakers delivering 550,000 watts of sound. The Viva Vision technology is run by 10 high-speed computers with 9,600 GB of storage.

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